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Amador County School System

The Amador County 1998/1999 Grand Jury reviewed the Pioneer and Pine Grove schools as a continuation of the 1997/1998 Grand Jury Amador County school system review.

The Amador County School System was established in 1853. At present the school system has a total student population of around 4,000. Footnote 1. The County School district operates 11 schools within the county.

The School District is progressing toward the computer age via the Golden Net project. The Golden Net project is a State funded computer network system that will allow rural areas access to the latest technological improvements in the computer industry. Volcano Communications has donated system engineering that allows future developing technologies to be integrated into the present system with minimal modifications. All Amador County schools will be connected to the Golden Net network system within a year and future development will be ongoing.

The Amador County Unified School System Disaster Preparedness Coordinator is in the process of updating the Emergency Evacuation Plan originally written in 1989. The plans will be site specific to each school and will consider the surrounding topography, possible evacuation routes, etc. Completion is scheduled for the summer of 1999.

Footnote 1. Tallied from the Amador County Office of Education School Accountability Report Card 1997- 98.

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