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Amador County Health Department


On December 1, 1998, the Amador County Grand Jury conducted a routine agency review of the Amador County Public Health Department. The Health Committee met with the Directors of the Social Services Agency and Public Health Nursing.

The main mission of the Public Health Department is to provide caring commitment to community health by promoting individual health, preventing disease and disability, and protecting against environmental risk, through education and intervention. Footnote 2.

Amador County Health Department The focus of the Public Health Department is to:

1) Protect the public from communicable disease, and
2) Provide programs related to women and children.

The Public Health Department is comprised of many services and programs. The chart below shows the various services and programs available:

Public Health is responsible for monitoring and investigating communicable diseases. Medical laboratories and physicians are required to report certain diseases to the Health Department. The Public Health Nurse does patient contact and necessary follow up on all reported diseases.

California Children Services (CCS) provides financial help and coordination of diagnoses, treatment, and rehabilitation for children who have serious medical problems. The program is for anyone under 21 years old and a California resident. The family income must be less than $40,000 per year and the state staff will determine medical eligibility. The Public Heath Department provides assistance in applying for CCS.

Public Health Nursing provides home visits to pregnant and postpartum women and other families in need. The Public Health Nurse is a medical social worker. She offers evaluation and intervention on health matters and helps families to help themselves. The Public Health Nurse networks with the community to identify these families. Another service that is provided is a telephone Advice Nurse who can provide information about:

The Family Planning Clinic services include:

The Maternal and Child Health Service provides:

The Maternal and Child Health services are basically funded by the federal government. The Comprehensive Perinatal program works with doctors' offices that accept Medi-Cal patients. The goal is to keep women healthy and to help them have healthy pregnancies.

Patients must be income eligible for the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP). Services offered through this program include:

All checkups include the following:

There are several Family Practice Physicians and one (1) Pediatrician in Amador County who participate in the CHDP program. The pediatrician averages 40 CHDP exams each month. The Public Health Department provides technical assistance for the physicians and also recruits physicians. When new physicians establish their practice in the county, the Health Department contacts them and encourages them to participate in the CHDP program. Any physician interested in participating must apply to be a CHDP provider.

The Immunization Clinics offer the following immunizations:

Immunizations are provided at three clinics a month held at the Amador County Public Health Department in Jackson and one clinic a month at the Ione City Hall building. Children's immunizations are free, adult tetanus boosters are $2.00. There is no income eligibility for immunization services.

Tuberculosis testing is available at all locations. Reading and verification will only be given at the Public Health Department in Jackson. The cost is $10.00 for ages 18 and over, and no income eligibility is required.

Flu and Pneumonia Clinics are available to anyone over 60 years of age and are offered throughout the County from October through November, locations are posted and advertised. The fee for flu or pneumonia shots is $5.00 each and Medi-Care can be billed for flu shots. Tetanus boosters are also available at Flu Clinics at a cost of $2.00. No income eligibility is required for these clinics.

The Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic offers:

Most programs are income eligible or free. Medi- Cal population is eligible. Funds for various programs are received from County, State, and Federal monies.

The Public Health Department monitors communicable disease in the prison population. The medical staff at the prison reports any communicable disease to the Public Health Department.

The Tobacco Education Program is for teens and pregnant women and is funded through the Comprehensive Perinatal Program.

Footnote 2. Based on information provided by the Amador County Public Health Nurse.


Public Health Department services include:

  1. Investigating and monitoring communicable diseases
  2. Immunizations for children
  3. Identifying high-risk prenatal, infant, and child cases
  4. Identifying child abuse cases
  5. Providing assistance for children with catastrophic illnesses through California Children Services
  6. Pregnancy testing, family planning and sex education
  7. Tests for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Sexually Transmitted Disease
  8. Monitoring prison population for communicable diseases
  9. Parent education classes
  10. Tobacco education programs
  11. Administering the Child Health and Disability Program


The Committee recommends ongoing recruitment activities continue to ensure an adequate number of physicians are available to meet demand.

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